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Defence applications including undersea cable and connector products

Scorpion Oceanics supply many undersea cable and connector products for Military applications especially those underwater. The largest market is that of Souriau connectors for use in sonar systems. Souriau ‘M’ and 8810 Series connectors are employed by several Navies in their submarine mounted sonar systems including U.K. Royal Navy, France, Australia, Netherlands, Spain and Italy etc. These products have been proven in over 40 years of service.

High Tech Hydrophones and associated cable assemblies fitted with Birns Aquamate Connectors supplied and used on Royal Navy Astute Class Submarines.

Range cables and other acoustic devices is another area where Scorpion cable systems fitted with Souriau connectors have excelled. This company has a great deal of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of tow cables. Tow cables are often multi-purpose carrying signal and power while also transmitting mechanical loads. Scorpion has designed and supplied complete undersea cable systems to suit, with cables incorporating steel wire armour or high modulus fibre strength members including Kevlar and Vectran etc.

Cables and connectors for port and harbour security is a market where a great deal of energy is currently being expended. Such undersea cable systems often include electrical, optical and mechanical services. Fibre optics is an expanding market and Scorpion Oceanics currently supply a variety of products to satisfy the demand for the transmission of high data rates.

Due to its superior performance in applications demanding long-term immersion, this company supplies a large number of cable harnesses and penetrators with Polyethylene mouldings. This is a specialised process requiring purpose designed high pressure and temperature moulding equipment. Scorpion Oceanics are pleased to offer this service including in-house hydrostatic pressure testing.

Other military applications served by this company include:

  • ROV cables, connectors and umbilical’s 
  • Diving systems including non-magnetic connectors for ‘stealth’ diving 
  • Miniature cables and connectors for covert operations 
  • Helicopter harnesses for aerial deployed systems 
  • High modulus strength members for towed array sonar 
  • Terminations and cable grips for mine clearance and neutralisation 
  • Cables and connectors for pressure transducers and probes 
  • Connectors for undersea telephones and wireless communications 

The above list is a small selection of applications where Scorpion Oceanics supply products. Please contact the office if you require advice on the products most suited to solving your undersea cables and connector requirements.


Scorpion Oceanics Limited is committed to providing quality products and services and is approved by BM TRADA to ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture, supply and repair of cables, connectors, ropes and terminations for the underwater and Nuclear industries.

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