ROV applications including Scorpion cable and bespoke connectors

ROVs or Remotely Operated Vehicles come in a staggering range of sizes and complexities. From miniature inspection vehicles to huge work class vehicles, Scorpion Oceanics has supplied underwater cable, connectors and terminations for many different systems.

Electro/opto/mechanical underwater cables as small as 3.0mm in diameter up to large diameter contra-helical steel wire armoured cables can be provided, fully terminated if required.

ROV underwater cables can be supplied with integral strength members manufactured from Aramid (e.g. Kevlar or Twaron etc.) or Vectran. These materials are used in applications requiring light weight and high flexibility, in tethers for instance. Steel wire armoured cables tend to be used in areas where high loads must be supported as in the case of TMS’s or Tether Management Systems, known by some as ‘Garages’.

A variety of underwater connectors are used on ROV’s. Perhaps the most common are rubber moulded which are very good in most applications but are not as robust as metal shelled connectors. Penetrators are also used extensively and offer high integrity connections without the convenience of being easily disconnected. Scorpion Oceanics has developed a range of bespoke ROV connectors which continues to be used on market leading vehicles. Special connectors and harnesses including pressure balanced oil filled assemblies for deep water applications are also available.

This company has also developed a range of mechanical terminations and specialised polyurethane moulding for use on ROV systems. Main lift cable terminations can be designed and manufactured to suit the most basic ‘spike and cone’ method of attachment where ease of re-termination in the field is essential. Scorpion Oceanics has also provided terminations incorporating universal joints, ‘weak links’ with shear pins and quick connect mechanisms. Polyurethane moulded ‘breakouts’ are often specified by customers where a number of connectors on cable tails are required to provide various services to different parts of the ROV.

Other services and products supplied to the ROV industry are Polyurethane Twinpacks for those customers wishing to undertake their own field repairs to damaged cables and connectors. Cable grips and high modulus fibre ropes are frequently requested and so too are mould tools and strength member capping kits. Terminated cable systems can be ‘proof loaded’ and tested prior to despatch.


Scorpion Oceanics Limited is committed to providing quality products and services and is approved by BM TRADA to ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture, supply and repair of cables, connectors, ropes and terminations for the underwater and Nuclear industries.

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